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eye of horus pineal gland

福島県 ひいらぎの会 がんの恐怖に負けない為に患者さん同士が励まし合おう


eye of horus pineal gland

5 months ago. The Eye of Horus represents the pineal gland, pinecones in places like the Vatican represent the pineal gland as a pine-cone and also the eye at the top of the pyramid on Dollar notes is said to represent the pineal gland. Keep the Pineal Gland operating and you will never grow old, you will always be young. Turmeric shown to Protect Brain against Fluoride Poisoning © 2017 OlivierHealthTips. The best time to meditate on the Pineal gland is when it is active, in the middle of the night between 1 and 4 am. And it is the part of you which can summon and invoke the supernatural in you. Cinnamon Turmeric Latte The Pineal Gland was revered during the Egyptian times as the Eye of Horus for a reason, because it is the Seat of the Soul. diid you modify it yourself? Really Great. It is more expensive, so try as best you can. And it gives rise to a vicious cycle which you slowly become unable to break free of. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. – Edgar Cayce. When you can’t, make sure you wash all of the fruit and veggies that you buy. The same with the Pineal Gland. pic.twitter.com/6FxUtUOgV8 Relevant!! Being able to access the powers of the third eye of Horus provides incredible capacities. Not only are they linked to pineal gland calcification but also to a host of other bad health issues. Mercury – can be found primarily in seafood such as fish, prawns, tuna and shrimp. They know very little, very little and as an ovarian cancer survivor , I will not become a lab rat again. There are special water filters that take fluoride out and for showerheads to reduce absorption of fluoride through the pores. Please note the Harvard Study confirming Fluoride reduces children’s IQ, and more recently CNN’s report on how exposure in utero has also been found linked to lower IQ in kids (just click on the links). Do you now have a better idea of the physical and spiritual power of the pineal gland? The Egyptian third eye implies the same concept as the Hindu “forehead dot”. days. However, it is responsible for all imaginative thought, as well as the production of melanin in the human skin, hair and eyes. Letting go of thoughts when you notice them and re-aligning yourself with this bliss again and again. save. Once activated, rather than imagining things, empty your mind as you meditate. The Aten is the awoken eye of Horus that sees the “sun within” or the “soul within”. The Pineal Gland is where the intuitive Intellectual information comes through, where the Feelings you get are backed up with reasons. Your email address will not be published. The fluoride that’s added is toxic waste, please see Debunking Fluoride Myth article here. – how do you activate your arm? And it is under a constant streaming supply of the cerebrospinal fluid. Thanks for finally talking about >OurWonderlife | De-Calcify the Pineal Gland – Our Eye of Horus

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